Western Wear Of Women & Its Changing Trends

wedSince the time of kings, vintage, revolutionary era and media establishments, women have seen a whorl of changing fashion trends. It looks like; fair sex has never starved of style and fashion. Nowadays, flea markets, shopping malls, and online shopping portals have showed up a variety of western wears for women. Well, every other dress of a different region states a moulded explanation to the women of distinctive choice and place. It may take time but the decision of accepting or at least trying something new can change your personality too, in a great way. Now the problem or you may say good news is that, markets have thousands of apparels for the same category. Depending upon the fabric, weaving skills set and designing, these sub-categories are available in various ranges. Let’s take a quick look of latest trends available for women in markets.

Depending upon the occasion and body type, women dresses are vast to discover all at the same time. For instance, evening dresses or gowns can spruce up your whole look and thus which is a must have for every urbane woman.

Tips to Choose the Best Ethnic Wear From an Online Store

etThe world has gone virtual! We search online, we play online, we connect online, we romance online and we shop online. When it’s about shopping – from medicines, toys, gifts, flowers – to clothes and groceries, practically everything is available on the Internet.

And, there is so much choice – all of it available at the click of a button, at the tap of a mouse and at the convenience of our door-steps. It’s all amazing! Isn’t it?

It’s a revolution, and today, it’s in our hands. No wonder, one is often left marveling at the unthinkable inroads, we have made into the Internet technology. But, isn’t the choice overwhelming?

Well, it surely does leave many of us baffled, when it comes to shopping for clothes online -even more, when it’s about expensive and beautiful Indian Ethnic Fashion-wear. Garments, since forever, have been about the ‘look and feel’, and ‘the fit’. “How can they be purchased from a remote location?” – many questioned, when this trend had started.

The hugely popular trend, however, proved, beyond doubt, that people loved the concept, ease and convenience of shopping online for

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Prom Dress

saProm night is one occasion that makes it worth investing in a jaw-dropping and glamorous dress. But it can be difficult to choose the perfect dress that is flattering and beautiful. Here are four things to consider in the process of finding your prom dress:

Decide on the type of dress

In order to decide on the perfect prom dress it helps to get some inspiration which is easily sourced from print magazines, online resources, or even the catwalk. Try to get a good idea of what you like and dislike from the latest dresses offered for sale. Other options for getting inspiration includes looking to see what the celebrities are wearing to special or red carpet events.

In order to give enough time to find the perfect prom dress it benefits to start searching 3-4 months before the event. This extra time makes it possible to put more effort into finding your favorite style, while also leaving time to have alterations carried out if necessary.

Match the dress to your body shape

To make sure the dress gives the ideal fit, it is important to focus on matching

Common Mistakes When Buying Custom Clothing

Despite the ease of designing and ordering great custom clothing online, there are a few common mistakes that people make when doing this. Here are a few of these frequent errors and how to avoid them in the future, whether this is your first time using such a service or if you have been disappointed in your order before.

The first common error when buying personalized shirts or custom hoodies online is not to check the quality of the shirts before you order. This includes everything from the thickness of the material, whether it is lined or not, where it is made, how durable the print or embroidery is and much more.

Of course, this is bound to be an area where people are often disappointed, simply for the fact that it is very hard to judge from a photo online just what an actual garment is like. For this reason, if you have the time it is strongly advised for you to ask for a sample garment or strip of material to be sent to you for evaluation, which can help you decide whether you are satisfied or not.

This is especially important if you are ordering a large number of garments

Buying Designer Denim Tips & Facts

It’s a scary world out there and today, there are countless retailers who are trying to make their profit by selling inauthentic goods to unsuspecting consumers. Your best bet is to educate yourself, search for reviews from the site where you are buying, and do your best to know what you are getting.

Here we show some tips to ensuring you are getting what you want: a premium product.

    • Plenty of fake designer denim comes with “tags” and “authenticity cards”; these are not necessarily proof that the item is legit.


    • It’s important to do your homework before buying to know what the tag from a certain brand of jeans is supposed to look like. While designers change everything from hardware to topstitch on each pair of jeans, tags are almost always standard.


    • Know that there’s no such thing as a “direct manufacturer” or designer clothing “factory-direct” from China… All the top designer brands are retailed from wholesalers in the US. This doesn’t mean that certain products are not made in China; the presence of a “Made in China” tag is not necessarily a sign of an inauthentic product. What it does mean is that, while some legitimate goods are made in China, you should

How to Choose the Right Bottoms for Yourself

Planning to buy trousers? Planning to buy jeans? Planning to buy bottoms for yourself, but are always confused how to buy the most perfect ones?

Don’t you worry – no doubt there are hundreds of things that you need to remember before buying such garments, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the most appropriate ones for yourself. I know there are only a handful of articles that talk about how to buy the right trousers, but I am here to add on to the tips.

Here are the top ten tips for you to remember before you buy them:

1) Comfort matters the most: I know most of you focus on designs and styles of such garments, but to be honest, you need to focus on comfort the most. Unless you are comfortable, you can’t look good. Don’t be a plastic beauty; remember – what makes you feel good makes you look good!

2) Go for colored jeans: Colorful jeans are quite in demand at present; go for such garments since they make you look good and bright. You represent your inner self when you wear colors. Go ahead – be colorful this season!

3) Select a color that suits all: Select a

Top Ten Fashion Tips for Women

No doubt men are fashionable too, but women have always been in the limelight, when it comes to fashion and style. Along with the change in seasons, there are a lot of changes noticed in trends and styles. Right from the time a woman is a little girl, she knows how to carry herself to look good in the crowd. From cute, she turns beautiful and from beautiful, she turns gorgeous!

If you are a woman and you want to have a flawless appearance on the streets, here are the top ten fashion tips that you need to remember:

1) Don’t overload yourself with makeup: Makeup doesn’t make you look good; it is the way you carry yourself that makes you presentable and good. Kick off all those loud lipsticks, unless you are attending a party. Wear subtle makeup to look better and present the real you.

2) Wear the right designer jeans: Jeans need to be expensive; you can’t expect yourself to save money on the things that you wear over and over again. You don’t buy a lot of jeans for your closet; buy a few, but ensure that they deserve to be worn by you. Let them be designer!

3) Spend

A Look Back at Western Clothing

Cowboys enjoy a mythical importance among American legends. From legendary lawmen, to fearless outlaws, our imaginations of the Old West have been inspired by movies, dime novels, country music, the Wild West shows, and the cowboys themselves!

What makes them so unique? Definitely their attire!

With slight individual and regional differences, the basic Old West cowboy attire the wide-brimmed hat, an ordinary shirt worn beneath a cowboy vest or waistcoat, the cotton or wool trousers, covered halfway with the leather chaps, the distinct tall boots with spurs, and the oversized silk handkerchief worn around the neck.

As interesting as the ensemble may appear, the cowboy clothes lend them a hand on their ranch work, and kept them protected from the environment.

The attire is a mélange of stylistic and cultural traditions that crossed the Western boundaries. The leather drew inspiration from the American Indians, and the early European adventurers quickly adopted the ways. However, the cowboys found little use of Indian traditions. They instead took upon the use of leather for belts, boots, and gloves. Victorian styling worked its way into the elements of the basic cowboy garb only as long as it was practical. That limited it to the buttoned up ethos for

Indo Western Style Kurti for Different Statures

The best thing is that modern designer garments help you to look graceful yet chic. They help you to go along well with other modernly dressed girls even while wearing graceful dresses. Here are some of the present trends for indo western kurtis according to different statures:


If you are short in height then you can go for short kurtis that should not reach below your thighs. They will give you a perfect look. Also remember to wear a simple legging as the printed leggings will not look good on short stature. They should have simple embroidery around the neck. Avoid wearing the collared ones as they will not look great on your short stature. It is best to wear a single shade, sober kurti as that will look graceful on your appearance.


The girls with tall stature will look great in ankle length Anarkalis. The Anarkalis have a flowing structure and lots of pleats that will add a further panache to your overall appearance. Straight cuts can also look great on you. Wearing high heeled footwear will further accentuate your height. It is best to go for multicolored attire as it will perfectly enhance your overall beauty. As for embroidery, you

Women’s Corporate Uniforms

Some business owners think that having their female staff wearing a uniform isn’t necessary – it’s too *old fashioned*, but a well designed uniform in classic colours with your business logo on it NEVER goes out of style.

Women’s corporate uniforms still serve a useful purpose in many industries. A corporate uniform provides customers with a way to distinguish staff from visitors so they can easily find someone to help them.
Alternatively choosing the wrong corporate uniforms can make your staff look too out of touch, un-friendly and unapproachable.

For some business owners they don’t want to upset their staff by insisting they wear a uniform, but well chosen uniforms can actually help your staff do their job more effectively.

Before choosing or updating a corporate uniform for your staff there are a few things you should consider –

Choose the right colours for your industry – for example for those selling fruit and vegetables green is a good choice, but if your staff work in a funeral home green isn’t the right choice. Staff working in a high class boutique will just look out of place wearing white shirts and grey cargo pants. Navy, purple and black create upscale experiences while pastels can

Promotional T-Shirts

If you are looking for a new way to promote your business or product there are many reasons why you should choose to use a promotional t-shirt. You can use promotional t-shirts for marketing purposes or to give away as promotional gifts. There are many good reasons for you to use promotional t-shirts – here are just a few –

Custom promotional t-shirts produce brand loyalty and recognition.

Good quality custom designed and printed t-shirts are always in demand.

Every customer or employee who is wearing your promotional t-shirt is a walking billboard for your business, service or product.

There are a LOT of people out there who own custom t-shirts – from promotional t-shirts offered by their work place to t-shirts with their favourite sports team.

T-shirts in general just have a long history of promoting events, companies, memories and more. One of the earliest uses of promotional t-shirts was souvenirs of visits to concerts, events, attractions and places.

When it comes to having your promotional t-shirts designed and printed there are some other things to consider – so you get it right.

The most popular colour used for promotional t-shirts is white, followed in a close second by black. White is a better colour to

The 5 Types Of Bags Every Man Should Know Of

Bags are right up there with accessories nowadays, along with watches and belts. The industry for bags for men is growing with leaps and bounds, proving the rising demand for bags among men. Bags aren’t a girly accessory anymore. Men have been increasingly carrying bags now instead of stuffing their pockets. From duffel bags to backpacks, here are the five men’s bags that you should know about.

Duffel Bag

An essential bag for a frequent traveller, the duffel bag is perfect for a weekend trip as an alternative to a suitcase. There’s just enough space to pack your clothes and essentials and is still small enough to qualify as hand-baggage. Its leather body, sturdy straps, detachable shoulder strap, and a number of compartments to hold your things mark a classic duffel bag for men. It’s one of those must have bags for every man.

Messenger Bag

This is great for those who are tired of backpacks yet aren’t completely sold on men’s purses. A messenger bag is a man’s equivalent to a cross-body bag, and is ideal for everyday use. Designers have been coming up with different twists to the classic messenger bag design, from a canvas body to leather straps, and with old

How To Make Your Wedding Chairs Awe-Inspiring

Your wedding is not just a day for you to tie the knot, but also the day for you to shine and be the center of everybody’s attention. This is one of the main reasons why brides and grooms to be strive to make their wedding day extra special. In order to make your big day a successful one, you have to focus not only on the big details of your wedding but also on the small ones like the color of your chair cover, satin chair sashes, event decoration, and all the other creative elements.

Planning a wedding is undeniably overwhelming. Focusing on the major details like the event logistics, venue, course and motif can eat up most of your time and energy specially if you are the one who takes care of almost everything about the wedding. Aside from the major elements of the event, you also have to keep an eye on the small details because they also contribute to the overall success of your wedding. To be able to attain that “wow” effect of your wedding, you have to be sure that you cover all the necessary elements from making your guests happy to the decoration details,

Secure the Best Handbags at Low Prices When Shopping Online

When shopping for something personal like fashion clearance handbags, it’s important to take the necessary time so that it fits one’s style and the occasion for which it will be used. Anyone who is shopping in person knows this can take from hours to even days, traveling from store to store and hoping they’ll have just what is wanted.

Try Online Shopping

One way to skip the hassle is to purchase clearance handbags online. Imagine sitting in pajamas and comparing various handbags side by side whilst sipping tea or coffee. Not many enjoy battling crowds of shoppers or waiting in line at the checkout, so this is a great alternative.

The biggest hassle, which really isn’t is to find the best sales, and the best quality, name brand bags that are in style with the current season. Anyone who knows fashion trends realizes that accessories like bags change between seasons. However, it is much easier to find a certain style via online avenues as they tend to have a wider selection. Many prefer to mix and match new and old styles. Regardless, it’s easy to find clearance handbags online from top designers.

Trendy and unique, one can plan on standing out from the crowd

Get Designer Bags at a Fraction of the Cost in Stores

One can peruse stores on the regular in order to catch a sale that will make these coveted bags more affordable, but the chances of doing so are slim. So they are left either saving for months to get just one, or searching other avenues in order to find cheap designer handbags. Then there is always the chance of accidentally buying a knock-off, which is truly disappointing.

Thankfully there are ways to save a fortune and secure cheap designer handbags without much risk. There are sites that are based all over the world that have lower priced handbags that cost so much more in the store. Plus, if the bags are being sold in the same country they are made they are often much cheaper due to lessened import and export prices.

Read on to learn about some other ways to obtain cheap designer handbags. Most are surprised at what knowing these tips does for their finances, they get to have just what they want without breaking the bank! It’s definitely worth it to take a few moments to read on, and learn how thrifty shoppers can get cheap designer handbags and have no one be the wiser.

Pre-owned – A buyer can

Sizzle In An Indian Gown At A Summer Cocktail Party

Summer, the hottest season of the year is back with a bang, and is suffocating every single person like hell. This is the only season which is hated to the core by most of the people, especially Indians because this season makes them suffer a lot. But, will the scorching heat stop you from partying hard or attending a cocktail party at someone special’s place? It shouldn’t. Summer will come and go, but the opportunity to enjoy or the fun filled moments will never come back. Therefore, it’ll be wise if you attend a summer cocktail party with full grace and enthusiasm. Remember one thing, this season must not stop you from going ahead and having fun.

Choosing an appropriate attire for a summer cocktail party is going to be quiet challenging. Do you know why? It’s because all type of clothes or fabric won’t suit you or provide you sheer comfort this season. Light dresses are said to be the best attire one can wear this summer because they flow and don’t cling to your body. But, if you are visiting a sophisticated cocktail party, then wearing a simple cotton dress won’t be happening; instead, wear a beautiful cocktail gown

Surprise! Cute Workout Clothes Are Not Always Actual Workout Clothes

You can blame Jane Fonda in her little leotard, Richard Simmons and his little shorts, or even your P.E. teacher for making us think that there are certain clothes that you must wear to workout. But they were wrong about that, just like they thought that step aerobics was not an exercise trend and would continue into the millennium. To have cute workout clothes, your attire does not actually have to be real workout clothing that you maxed out your American Express at Lululemon for. You probably have these items in your closet right now, and they would like to be invited to your next workout.

To have cute workout clothes, you need t-shirts. We all have t-shirts. Lots of them. You probably have cute graphic tees that you wear all the time. You might have solid color ones, striped ones, polka dot ones, or even ones that say, “Have a nice day.” These stylish t-shirts of yours can actually make an appearance at the gym or even work as a cover-up that you put on when you enter and exit the gym. You’ll be stylish while you wait for the next available treadmill.

Another great warm-up and cover-up item is a

Reality Check! Decode the Wardrobe Turn-Offs for Men

Sometimes, it can seem like men and women simply speak different languages. So often, it seems like we are getting mixed messages. Men say they like the natural look, but actually, what turns their head is the woman with flawless makeup. So what really are men’s turn-offs? This exact question was asked to men on Reddit and resulted in some very interesting responses and conversations.

Turn-Off #1: Uggs. I know it is almost sacrilegious. How dare they complain about the shoes that bring so much joy and comfort to households everywhere? Are our feet supposed to remain naked as we cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or when we make a last-minute trip to the grocery store because we are out of kale (or wine… same difference)? The truth is that if you are trying to catch his eye, leave the Uggs at home.

Turn-Off #2: Sweatpants with sayings on the butt. Good Lord, is nothing sacred? First, the Uggs and now the sweatpants. But having a saying on the butt is cute and sassy. Having “Pink” or “Angel” on your Victoria’s Secret sweats makes them sexy, right? That’s why all the models in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Which Shoes Can Transform You Into a Bombshell and Make Men Fall Head Over Heels

So you want to know which shoes can turn you into a bombshell. Is that what you came here to find out? You think this is going to be about how to buy stripper shoes and what sort of disguise you can wear to go purchase these shoes alongside women named Cinnamon, Candy, and Cookie who are paying all in one dollar bills.

Well then, this is not the article for you. This is about how to become a bombshell and wear shoes that could actually be seen in the light of day in the halls of your office, on the school grounds with your kids, and (dare I say) even in the sanctuary of your church. Your foot does not have to be at a 90-degree angle to transform into a bombshell; you just have to think a little bit more about how your shoes may be perceived by the opposite sex.

Option #1: Of course, this article would include a stiletto. What bombshell does not have a stiletto? An ex-bombshell, that’s who. But I don’t want this to be all about a stiletto and how it can make your legs look longer and you butt look higher or how even

Incredible Personality Traits Revealed by Seven Shoe-Variants

You may have heard that a book is not to be judged by its cover. But, unlike that, sometimes you may go ahead and judge someone by simply looking at the shoes. In fact, it has been revealed through a study that about 90% of the character traits of a person match with kind of footwear that the person wears. The research conducted has revealed some mind-blowing results that will leave you thinking. Below are enlisted some of the vital characteristics that are revealed through this about the wearer.

Highly fashionable ones – The people who wear these are usually quite conscientious and agreeable. Their personality reveals high standards and shows that he has a good choice of things. People who mostly wear brand new footwear more are usually perturbed about relationships. They are prone to anxiety and always think about what other people think of them.

Colourful Casuals – People wearing these are less prone to anxiety related to attachment. By this what is meant is the fact that he or she is not dependent on others and is not disturbed by the fear of separation. Usually, people who go for these are thought to be quite extrovert but